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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

top 10 albums you might not know.

No.8. Scatter the Crow - Slaves to Gravity.

Before I start to tell you why you'll like this, do me a favour first. Listen to the music without watching the vids or looking at pictures of the band, ok?

Coming from London, Slaves to Gravity have a couple of things in their favour stright away.
1. A really cool name.
2. A frontman wih an old school name (Tommy Gleeson) and the attitude to match.

Coinsidering that this is STG's debut album, it's frankly astonishing. When I first heard this (my daughter was listening to them), I thought it was an old Soundgarden song that I either wasn't familiar with, (unlikely, given my love of all things grungy) or had simply forgotten about (far more likely, I regularly forget how old I am for example). At points during "Scatter......" Gleeson does sound virtually identical to Cornell in his prime-think Spoonman rather than Billy Jean (shudder)-and there aren't many more flattering comparisons than that that I could make.

Summing it up, this is an album that could easily fit into any of the grunge giants back catalogue and not be out of place, but it goes beyond plagiarism and is easily in the top10 british rock albums released in what the Daily Mail excruciatingly refers to as the "noughties".

If you liked Soundgarden, Pearl Jam or just grunge in general, give it a go.

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