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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Triple H(ope).

We had her here at the weekend, so I'm going to make you look at photos of her.

Monday, 21 March 2011


I have a complaint. Actually, I have several -some of which are quite nasty, but you don't want to know about that- this complaint is about shoes.
This post was brought about by complete and total envy of the amount of different styles and types available to women compared to men. We have two styles, trainers or shoes -in brown, black or white. Wow, you guys have a million different styles in every shade imaginable, and I want to know why there's such great disparity in the ranges. Do the manufacturers think men don't care? Maybe most of us don't, but I do -I want better shoes, now!

My daughter bought these recently, you wouldn't believe how jealous I am.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Not that incredibly tedious and frankly rubbish effects fest starring John Cusack and Thandie Newton, or even the forthcoming summer olympics to be held in London, but rather the Mayan prophecy of the world as we know it ending in 2012.
Now previously, I -like you, I suspect- had dismissed this as rubbish, merely the end of time from the perspective of some long dead and largely forgotten Central American shamen.
Lately though, I've been wondering if there might be more to it than it first appears -bear with me, I haven't gone mad- the terrible earthquakes and resultant tsunami which have just devastated a large tract of Japan is just the latest in a seires of terrible natural disasters. Just off the top of my head I can name terrible floods in Bangladesh, Australia, Peru and Brazil. Earthquakes in Chile, New Zealand, China and Haiti. Massive tsunami in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. Volcanos erupting in Iceland and the Phillippines. I'm bound to have missed some or forgotten a few, but my point is I can never remember so many disasters in such a short time span. Is something going on, are we building up to a major cataclysm or is it just coincidence?

I think I might be changing my mind.

Did they get it right?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Televisions. And doggy birthdays.

The time has come to say goodbye to a long serving and faithful friend. Yes, dear readers the Rascal family's main tv -a near 10 year old Samsung Plano- has just about come to the end of it's useful lifespan, as it's developed an almost constant high pitched squeal and a strange line sometimes occurs across the top third of the screen. I know what you're thinking -"why is he telling us this?" I'm telling this to you to see if anyone else has the same thoughts as me about modern Tv's. I have no problem replacing the Samsung -it's been great for a long while- but when we bought it, it was huge.  Now, it appears, it's tiny.
We were round at our daughters a few days ago, and in their living room they have a TV that must be nearly 5 feet across -it's ridiculous. Their room isn't the biggest and this thing completely dominates it. Like a shire horse in a bedsit. Not for me.
And, at the risk of sounding old, have you tried looking at Tv's to buy recently? I have.
"Ah, you want a 60 inch lcd with hd 3d wifi backlit plasma"
"Do I?"
I didn't. I just want to watch the rugby without it screeching. A Sony Bravia it is then, the same size as the one we have now.

Do not want

Also, it's the Devil Dogs' birthday. She's 1.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Short thoughts

You know when you're in the cinema and someone near you is noisily munching their way through what seems to be a titanic sized vat of popcorn? It annoys the crap out of me frankly, but I doubt I'd shoot someone for being a bit loud during a film. What am I talking about? Well, that's exactly what happened during a screening of Black Swan in the Latvian capital Riga, last week. Riga police confirmed that a 27 year old man had shot a 42 year old man at the city's Cineplex, and that the argument began over how loudly he was eating his popcorn. The moral of this story? Don't annoy Latvians.

A Latvian, yesterday. Scary.

Here's a question. Do you take a sword to work with you? No? How about a bazooka? I thought not. I mean, there are some jobs where you might take a weapon to work - Ninja, Yakuza, train robber, Game Keeper - but not that many, and certainly not footballer. So why then, I've been wondering , did Ashley Cole take an air rifle to Chelsea's training ground with him and then promptly shoot a work experience kid with it, albeit accidently. Because he's a fucking moron, that's why. Case closed.

Finally and sadly, Jane Russell has died aged 89. Most famous for starring in westerns and with Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, she was one of the most beautiful of the Hollywood leading ladies in the post war era.