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Monday, 7 March 2011

Televisions. And doggy birthdays.

The time has come to say goodbye to a long serving and faithful friend. Yes, dear readers the Rascal family's main tv -a near 10 year old Samsung Plano- has just about come to the end of it's useful lifespan, as it's developed an almost constant high pitched squeal and a strange line sometimes occurs across the top third of the screen. I know what you're thinking -"why is he telling us this?" I'm telling this to you to see if anyone else has the same thoughts as me about modern Tv's. I have no problem replacing the Samsung -it's been great for a long while- but when we bought it, it was huge.  Now, it appears, it's tiny.
We were round at our daughters a few days ago, and in their living room they have a TV that must be nearly 5 feet across -it's ridiculous. Their room isn't the biggest and this thing completely dominates it. Like a shire horse in a bedsit. Not for me.
And, at the risk of sounding old, have you tried looking at Tv's to buy recently? I have.
"Ah, you want a 60 inch lcd with hd 3d wifi backlit plasma"
"Do I?"
I didn't. I just want to watch the rugby without it screeching. A Sony Bravia it is then, the same size as the one we have now.

Do not want

Also, it's the Devil Dogs' birthday. She's 1.


Amber said...

Wow. She is so scary looking in her bandanna. Haha. (She is quite cute.)

Oh, and I still have a 55 inch standing big screen that is an astounding 13 years old. Everyone comes over and says "Why have you never bought a new TV", I am like.....I haven't had to. It still works.

I will buy a new one when mine goes that way of yours. And then I am sure I will run across the same dilemma as you, in that I have no clue about technology.

fizzee rascal said...

I think she's very cute, but I might be biased.

And dread the day your tv goes wrong and you have to choose a new one.

a better individual said...

that dog is wicked.
I need to go out and get a new telly shortly and am seriously daunted by it all. Have no idea what the difference is between them all.

I know nothing about cars therefore tend to stay away from mechanics and am putting off going to a tech retail shop to buy a TV for the same reason!

Don't want to be shafted by a good salesman!

fizzee rascal said...

Your best bet is to collar a friend who knows what they're talking about and getting them to go with you.

Nice to see you here.

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a better individual said...

will do.

yeah man you pulled me in as a follower once i saw the "JESUS CHRIST ITS A LION GET IN THE CAR"

Anonymous said...

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