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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Saturday morning quiz.

Q. Something goes badly wrong. Whose fault is it?

Is it:

a. The FOREIGNER who is a natural born FOREIGN winner, who will go down as one of the greatest FOREIGN managers of all time, and who has won major trophies with pretty much every FOREIGN club he has managed, but who is FOREIGN to the ENGLISH game.

b. The ENGLISH players who have consistently underperformed for ENGLAND and who lack the basic ability to pass the ball to another ENGLISHMAN, but who are ENGLISH and always give 7,000,000 per cent for ENGLAND.

So, guess who's getting blamed for England being a bit poo.

Fabio Capello yesterday, just after spotting some ENGLISH journalists in the crowd.


Mrs Midnite said...

Lol I think A but because he has a DJs name not a managers name. It's the names fault.

fizzee rascal said...

Hmm. DJ Fabio? I can just see him doing a duet with David Guetta