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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The final ignominy.

So, the England football team tamely surrender to arch enemy Germany, and trapse back to their hotel in disgrace, no doubt  looking forward to a "warm" reception on their return home.
As if their meek acceptance of the defeat wasn't galling enough for them -and indeed the rest of the country south of the border- to bear, what happens when they get back to their hotel? They get robbed, that's what.
Well, a couple of them, maybe.

"Police spokeswoman Junior Metsi said cash was taken – about £500 – but the thieves seemed most interested in souvenirs, such as a United States shirt an England player received in the customary post-match trade. A medal awarded by Fifa and underwear also disappeared during a spree which police say began on 21 June.
 The thefts were not reported to police until Saturday. Metsi said police solved the case within a day, searching the homes of staff at the hotel near Rustenburg, northwest of Johannesburg.
"Everything that was stolen was recovered and they (the thieves presumably, rather than Gerrard and Co-although given Captain Forehead's performance during the event, that would probably go down a storm) are now behind bars," she said.
On Sunday, a special World Cup court convicted five hotel workers of the thefts. They were sentenced to three years in prison and fined 6,000 rand (£524). Metsi would not name the players from whom items were stolen.

3 Years! Imagine doing 3 years in a South African jail for stealing a pair of Wayne Rooney's jockeys. Fuck that. Talk about harsh sentencing.

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