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Friday, 16 April 2010

The World Cup, pt3

Italy, Holland, Germany, France, England and Australia (cough)

For me, the final semi finalist will come from one of these 6, except the last one-but I'm allowed to be patriotically optimistic, so they're staying.

Italy and their eternal rivals the Germans and French share a multitude of problems which'll stop them winning the big prize-namely a reliance on big name older players who are frankly over the hill in International terms,  (Cannavaro,Del Piero, and Camoranesi for Italy, Henry and Gallas for France, Ballack and Klose for Germany), but all 3 are capable of raising their games one final time, so don't write them off.

I think England will rely too much on Rooney to really make it this far, but Holland, goalkeeping worries apart appear on paper at least, to be the strongest out of this group-especially if they have a fit and firing Van Persie/Robben combination.

Australia? We'll do well to get a point in the group stage. :(

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