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Friday, 2 April 2010

Music in 2010 so far

I'm just listening to the Cancer Bats new album, and as I expected it's rather good (hey, any album that contains a track called "Black Metal Bicycle" is going to score pretty highly with me). It also got me thinking about how the year in music -or at least in the types of stuff I listen to- has been doing so far.
Well, the Gorillaz brought out Plastic Beach which was excellent, The Deftones hit us with Diamond Eyes, which was even better, BRMC have Beat the Devil's Tattoo, and it was also excellent. Hot Chip, Alkaline Trio, Flobots and AudioBullys all brought out albums that far exceeded my expectations of them, as did MGMT.
Airbourne brought out a new album too, but it was shit and should be avoided.

Overall then, it's been an outstanding year so far (providing you like broadly the same stuff as me), and there's still the new LCD Soundsystem album to come.

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