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Monday, 19 April 2010

LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening

Purported to be James Murphy's last outing under the LCD Soundsystem moniker, this was probably my most anticipated album released this year. "Stop waffling Fizzee" I hear you saying, "is it any good?" Any good? It's magnificent. If you're confident enough to do an album opener at an unignorable 9 minutes, you set up the rest of the disc to be something pretty special. From the funky disco of "Drunk Girls" to the electric musings of "I can Change" there isn't a dud or filler track in sight, which is a refreshing change frankly. the Albums' tour de force though is a track called "You Wanted a Hit". I don't know who this is aimed at (us the fans, the record company, the media?) it contains the line " You wanted a hit, well this is how we do hits. You wanted a hit? But that's not what we do" And he's right if you want fantastically catch electro funk dance tunes, this is what they do. Brilliant.

Here's James, after reading my review.

Cheer up mate, I liked it.

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