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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Top 10 albums you might not know.

No.3 Fire - Electric 6

We’ve made it through a few years of concept albums, envelope-pushing college rock, artists pretending to have genius-level IQs and all the headaches that came with the cerebral-rock movement.

In 2003 Electric Six single-handedly invented a new musical genre: disco-metal.

Now disco and heavy metal may appear to be the most unlikely of bedfellows, but given that Electric Six's raison d'être appears to include the promotion of the perverse, this is entirely fitting as this is an album brought to you by the words "fire," "night," "party," and "city.
The Detroit quintet made a rare throwaway album that you’ll be stuck listening to repeatedly - with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks and the wool pulled securely over their fans’ eyes, Electric Six revive the honest-to-goodness party vibe. From “Danger! High Voltage,” which mixes choppy funk guitars with fuzzed-out punk riffs, deliberate dance beats to get one of the year’s most memorable singles, to “Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor),” which somehow manages to make loud, punked-up rock’n’roll sound more fit for the dance floor than anything anyone else has produced in years, the band merges rock and dance music with the feel, though none of the sound, of new-wave revivalists.
Fire shares punk’s no-future ethos, though Electric Six, unlike their uptight brethren, aren’t going to riot. Without a future, there can be no hangovers in the morning, right? Electric Six parties like that. While it’s not rocket science, songs such as “Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)” and “Gay Bar,” a tune that swings from talking about spending a girlfriend’s money at a gay bar to starting a nuclear war, show the outfit’s got enough to lure fans from more than just the wrestling team.The quality does tail off a little during the last three songs, but if you want rock that makes you dance instead of mosh, if you smile at lyrics that contain "war", "fire", "dance" and "nuclear" in almost every song, or if you've ever wondered what would happen if there was a heavy metal version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, then this is for you.

And your best friend's mother.

We’ve spent a few years in isolation contemplating the depths of Radiohead and its followers. Now, it’s time to wake up from that funk.

Consider Fire your alarm clock.


The Muller said...
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The Muller said...

I laughed quite vociferously at the first video. was the read.

fizzee rascal said...

Thanks. Then E6 have accomplished their mission.