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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


On my rare-ish trips into the big city I'm surprised and delighted by many things-buses, shops, loads of people all in one place-that sort of thing. However one thing manages to worry me, confuse me and reduce me to tears of laughter -sometimes all 3 at once- and this thing is the hairstyles of the younger (and, ill-advisedly, the not so young) residents of the city in question.
"Is it like this in every big city?" I wonder as some ridiculously coiffed dude saunters past, looking like a cross between a startled rooster and a black refuse sack - I can tell by his walk he clearly thinks this creation perched on his bonce is something remarkable - and he's right, it is. Just not remarkable in the sense he thinks it is, it's remarkably fucking ridiculous.

Here's a selection of hairdos (hairdon'ts?) I encountered recently.

What possesses people to do this? Please, won't someone think of the children.

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