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Friday, 9 July 2010

Lunatics in Charge of Asylum. Official.

In a move that will surprise absolutely no-one, the UK government is going to hand over the funding of its public health programme aimed at curbing obesity to food firms including Mars, Cadbury and Coca-Cola.
In an unsurprising statement Mr Andrew Blah-di-Blah, the health secretary ranted in the general direction of anyone who was listening

"We need a new approach. We have to make Change4life less a government campaign, more a social movement... Less about costly advertising, more about supporting family and individual responses."

Nice one Andy, not a single thing about the cost cutting mentioned in the budget - this obviously has nothing to do with that, because from my point of view, this looks like a bare faced plea to a cashed up food and drink industry from an impoverished governmental department. But that would just be silly, wouldn't it?

Mr Blah-di-Blah carried on, to no-one in particular

Some manufacturers had felt "stigmatised" for selling junk food, yet it was "perfectly possible to eat a bag of crisps, a Mars bar, or drink a carbonated soft drink" but do it in moderation. "Then you can begin to take responsibility for it and the companies selling these things to you, they can be part of that responsibility too," he said.

Stigmatised for selling "junk" food? Well fancy that. It's not called "junk" for nothing you know.


Mrs Midnite said...

Crisps = potato = veg = 1 of your 5 a day!

Mars - a mars a day helps you work rest and play?

Fizzy drinks well fizzie things are always good.

I can't wait to see the change for life ads. Play football, eat a twix, take a walk then refresh yourself with a can of coke! Wonder if MacDonalds want to help out too!

fizzee rascal said...

I wouldn't be too surprised if you're not that far from the truth there. Sadly.