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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Inter -v- Bayern, part 2

Well, Inter won 2-0 easily enough, the germans gameplan seemed to be "give it to Robben, hope he can do something exciting."  To be fair to Bayern, that tactic has worked several times already so it was probably worth another shot, although the absence of Franck Ribery was crucial, it allowed Zanetti and Cambiasso to double up whenever the Dutchman had the ball.

Here's Milito's 2nd goal, a thing of beauty


Amber said...

Holy cow.....look at me! I can finally make a comment!! Cool!

Not that I want to on this post. I am not that into sports. I will comment on something else later on.

Just wanted to say hello!!

fizzee rascal said...

hi there. :)