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Thursday, 27 May 2010


I was just listening to the above named song by System of a Down when I heard the line 

"Why don’t presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor?"

Well, duh. For a start it's dangerous, and the rich are usually busy playing golf or exploiting the 3rd world, shit like that.

Here's the song in question


Amber said...

I have to say I am not the biggest System of a Down fan, but I remember this song in particular.......something about the "lies from the tablecloth" part and the lalalalala part....I don't know, I think I am just rambling right now.

Good to see you in the forums this morning by the way dude!

fizzee rascal said...

I always liked SOAD, they were different to most other bands.

As far as the forums go, I'll pop in from time to time to have a chat.