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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rage against the Boyle

In possibly the biggest case of bending over for the man ever, Rage against the Machine (RATM) want to do a duet with Susan Boyle (SuBo) as a sort of olive branch to Simon Cowell (SiCo?).

"I don't think anybody has heard anything of that Joe guy since Christmas, but we have nothing against him. The truth is Simon's shows occasionally produce talent. We love Susan Boyle, she is hot.

"To show there are no hard feelings we would like her to perform with us on stage this summer. She is a great vocalist and we would love to perform 'Killing in the Name' with her. Everybody knows her in the U.S. and she can add her vocals to anything. It would be an honour for us."

Yeah, nice one Zack - what happened to "fuck you I won't do what you tell me", eh? What a sell out.

I even checked the date on this story in the hope it was some kind of advance April fool, but alas it seems genuine enough.

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