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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


What a strange group of creatures we are. Capable of great kindness, moments of creative genius and incredibly inquisitive about how everything around us works. We've created machines to make our day to day lives easier, stuff to let us have fun and this machine I'm typing away on right now. However, we're also capable of quite remarkable cruelty (usually to each other), we are always convinced we know better than nature and we've been responsible for some truly shocking hairdos. We've invented machines to let us kill each other more efficently, more cheaply, and perhaps most remarkably, to kill each other whilst leaving most of the buildings where the vanquished lived intact.
Why do we have to have this eternal dichotomy? I accept not everyone can be a Michelangelo or a Gallileo, or even a Desmond Tutu, but surely we could get by with a few less Pol Pots, Pinochets or even Jamie Redknapps.

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