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Monday, 24 January 2011

White Lies - Ritual

White Lies first album, To Lose My Life was one of the more pleasant surprises of the year back in 2009 and now they're back with a not-particularly-eagerly-awaited follow up album, Ritual.
Listening to this for the first time, I'm imagining what a night out with these guys might be like (bear with me, this analogy won't last too long, I promise). I'm getting a dull, fairly humourless affair, young men sitting in the corner of a brown pub raising their voices slightly, then two listening intently to the third as he unleashes all of his fury at the way the world is headed. Glasses get smashed, blood drips on the brown pub's brown carpet.
Not that much fun then.
What's happened here is that White Lies have had a classic sophomore slump, the difficult second album as it was called when albums were still things you bought from a shop. For my tastes, this sounds a bit too much like the Killers/Brandon Flowers, and that's never a good thing, although if you liked TLML you might find something to enjoy a bit. Maybe. Your best hope is to put it on quietly and hope that someone thinks it's the Editors. But it isn't, and it isn't even close.

Ooooh, moody


Tom Millson said...

Heard some of the songs from this album and I hated most of them. I found them slow and drawn out, with Harry McVeigh's voice sounding very whiny and like you said a lot like Brandon Flowers.

Only 'Bigger Than Us' is the song I can remember from that album.

fizzee rascal said...

Hang on, are me and you in agreement about music? How very odd. I'll have to listen to it again. :)

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Tom Millson said...

Fizzee, I'm sure if you decided to listen to the album more just to try and like it, you will end up using the disc in an attempt to cut yourself.

It's dreadful.

I'd rather agree with you than have cut wrists!

fizzee rascal said...

Yeah, I know it's awful - I was only joking.

Tom Millson said...

Good, just making sure you don't kill yourself ;)