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Friday, 26 February 2010

Sporting Lesbian 3-0 Everton.

I can live with defeat, I really can - but this was a shocking performance. No-one played well, Howard was blameless for the goals and Baines was alright but the rest ranged from appalling to disgraceful. Except Senderos and Bilyaletdinov who were both appallingly disgraceful. Senderos was like a bumper car made flesh running (slowly) about seeing what he could knock over, the Russian on the other hand.....well, we know he has talent, we've seen enough flashes of it to know that he at least isn't totally unfamiliar with the round leathery object in front of him (no, don't worry, Steve Watson hasn't made a comeback).
Diniyar just wasn't interested, and that's the biggest sin any pro can make-at least Senderos has the excuse of being crap.

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