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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Reality Tv

Big Brother, X Factor, Got to Dance, Strictly Come Dancing, I'm a Non-entity, Let me in there to revive my flagging Career and lots of others.
Has there ever been a more moronic concept than Reality Tv? Well, no, there hasn't.

Want to watch some people you don't know fast asleep? Erm, no. No I don't
Want to watch some strangely haired fool murder a song you used to like? I'll pass, thanks.
How about watching a regional newsreader eat a bug? Err, no-it clashes with the All-England wall painting Championships. Maybe next time.
Feel like a look at a boxer trying ballroom dancing? Are you taking the piss?

Britains Got Talent? Not on this evidence it hasn't. Not unless you count lowest common denominator shit as a talent.

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