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Monday, 27 June 2011


In case you somehow haven't noticed, here in the UK we're about halfway through the annual snoozefest from London.
And, as every year, the few people who follow tennis will run around excitedly telling everyone in earshot that this year Andy Murray -he's bottled charisma that boy- will win. Hang on, didn't you say that last year? And the year before?
He'll lose as soon as he faces someone good and Nadal will probably win the whole thing. There's a few sports I really hate -Rugby union, a sport played exclusively by homosexuals and the Welsh, during which you kick the ball backwards and forwards until someone lumps it over the sideline, and Synchronised swimming, which appears to be a kind of ballet. In a swimming pool. Without the story. Brilliant. Take something that isn't wonderful in the first place and make it much worse- but tennis is the one I hate the most.
This may be a case of rose tinted spectacles, but wasn't it almost bearable to watch once? You know, back in the late 70's/early 80's in the McEnroe/Borg/Connors and Navratilova/Evert era.
Nowadays, tennis -Wimbledon at least- has been reduced to a series of Stepford wives style grunty Eastern European women and men so dull if they were salesmen they'd have titles akin to Head of Photocopiers, Toners and Inks (East Midlands).

Does anyone else feel the same way?

Captain Charisma, yesterday


flip said...

John and JImmy were a lot of fun to watch. It was Lendl, he ruined tennis with his robotic Eastern European robotic domination. Gimme some soul. Kinda like Rafa though.

fizzee rascal said...

I'd kinda forgotten about Lendl, but he cn't be responsible for the general lack of personality of all modern tennis players, can he?
As for Nadal, well, meh.