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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bush - The Sea of Memories

First up, an apology. I haven't posted for a fortnight or so because -no, not ebola this time- we've been busy getting our youngest daughter to university and dealing with the fallout of all that entails. I shall try to get back to some sort of regular posting schedule from now on. Thanks for listening. Reading? Whatever, thanks anyway.

And so onto Bush. Remember them? A sort of British version of Nirvana -not as good obviously, although they were far superior to Silverchair -the Australian version, or Nirvana in Pyjamas as I like to call them- they were pretty good and despite being largely overlooked in their homeland, they were quite popular in the US and achieved a fair bit of commercial, if not critical success.
Until a couple of days ago, Bush hadn't released a new album in 10 years -and that was the not very good Golden State.
10 years is a long time, people and tastes change and given that my last memories of Bush were on the aforementioned Golden State, as I started listening to this I was more than a little anxious.

"Will I like this?"
"What if it's poo?"
"Did I ever like Bush?"

Initially at least, it seemed as though my fears were unfounded, as the first 3 songs are good. Very good. Huzzah! Bush are back and just as good as they were on Razorblade Suitcase.

Not by a long shot. After the excellent opening tracks we descend into radio friendly AOR combined with the sort of filler tracks seen on a hundred average rock albums. Did they get bored after the opening of this album or what? Did Gwen come down into the basement and tell Gavin that playtime's over and his friends have to go home now? It certainly seems that way.
A major disappointment.

Bush, yesterday


Anonymous said...

I never really liked Bush to tell you the truth. I mean, it is not that I hated them or anything, I just had a tendency to change the radio station if they came on. Still do.

So what do you think about the new Jane's Addiction song that just came out? Their album doesn't "drop" until Oct 4 (I think) but I am actually looking forward to it personally. I wasn't always the biggest JA fan in the past, but have seen them a couple of times at Lollapalooza and they put on a hell of a show. Really digging the new tune, but I wonder if it will be a fluke.

Who the fuck knows.

Good to see you post, btw. Sorry for the novel.

fizzee rascal said...

I like the new JA song, but I think the album will suffer in the same way this one has -it's too far out of it's own time. JA, as great as they were don't really fit in 2011. And I hate Dave Navarro. Hate him. Really hate him.